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Option name Used by Info Modifiers
use Blessing Packs, Cursed Dice Uses X item N/A
clean Prospecting: Firearm Cleans firearm and gives you a random weapon N/A
give Most items in the game Gives X item to another player N/A
trash Most items in the game Trashes X item N/A
gut Gut Knifes Guts fishes N/A
debug Rotten Potato Toggles debug mode on/off N/A
freecam Rotten Potato Toggles freecam on/off N/A
heal Rotten Potato Uses pills to get out of coma [OUTDATED] N/A
ironman Rotten Potato Toggles ironman mode on/off N/A
toggle / UI Rotten Potato Toggles UI on/off, can also be used without an item with /screenshot_mode or /toggle_ui N/A
wheels Rotten Potato Spawns Bicycle N/A
eye Spyglass Similar to freecam, toggles freecam on/off (shorten range) N/A
spin Fidget Spinner Spins... what did you expect? N/A
convert EXP Tokens Converts Tokens into Bonus EXP -1 = ALL | 0 or none = one
redeem EXP Tokens, EXP Bonus: X% Redeems EXP Tokens into EXP (less worth than Bonus EXP) or uses EXP Bonuses -1 = ALL | 0 or none = one
become Job Cards Changes your current job to corresponding job N/A
place Pots (Lobster, Crab) Places X pot in the water if possible N/A