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  • Added the Speedo Express for Trucking
  • Added additional liveries to the Speedo Express
  • Added a FedEx livery to the Speedo Express
  • Fixed permissions for the Cargobob variations

Trunk / Storage Capacity:

  • Speedo Express has an inventory capacity equal to your own inventory capacity (30 to 300kg depending on your Strength)
  • Increased Trailer MK1 (trailerswb) to 400kg (from 200kg)
  • Increased Trailer MK2 (trailers) to 475kg (from 250kg)
  • Increased Trailer MK3 (trailerlogs2) to 600kg (from 400kg)
  • Increased Trailer MK4 (botdumptr) to 775kg (from 600kg)
  • Increased Trailer MK5 (drybulktr) to 1000kg (from 850kg)

Vehicle Shop:

  • Removed the FedEx Van from the shop
  • Removed the Boxville from the shop
  • Removed the Mule from the shop
  • Removed the Benson from the shop
  • Removed the Pounder from the shop
  • Added the Speedo Express (free)

Los Santos Customs:

  • Added Paintjobs option to the Respray category
  • Paintjobs are base game liveries, the ones that are randomly chosen when spawning certain vehicles


  • Vehicles now spawn with their set Paintjob (if one is applied)
  • If no Painjob is applied, a random one is chosen


  • You can click on the vehicle selector to regenerate the previewed vehicle (with different mods)


  • Vehicle trunk capacity can now be dynamic
  • Updated max inventory weight logic
  • Added WarMenu common include
  • Additional inventory item fetcher for dynamic items
  • +24 additional random changes with no gameplay impact