Transformer Repair

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Transformer Repair is a specialized job in which you need to repair broken Transformers with the use of different Fuses, Relays & Cables to receive mechanic, strength and player experience as well as money.

Getting Started

1. Go to the Specialized Job marker Specialized Job.png  in the Northeast area of Los Santos.

Transformer Location.png

2. Go to the orange Job Selector circle and choose Transformer Repair.

3. Go to the green market icon and purchase Cables, Fuses, and Relays. You need these to complete repair jobs and if you plan on doing this job for a while you should purchase a lot. You can also come back to this location and purchase more when you run out.

4. Wait for a call out to appear in the top right area of your screen, the call out details the supplies you will need, as seen in this image below.

Transformer Repair.png

5. Go to the location marked on your map as Job (Transformer Repair) and repair the transformer.

  • You will keep receiving callouts until you switch jobs.
  • The Sparrow helicopter can be used for this job. It has a capacity of 1,000 KG ( 1,150 with Tycoon Premium).
To get rid of the callout after already switching to another job, simply press M > Stop job.


This data is likely to not be very reliable currently due to the small sample size and the very deviating amounts requested
(see minimum and maximum in table below).

Based on a sample of 43 callouts, the average (rounded up) required materials of fuse, cable and relay were 14,28 and 9 respectively.

  • From the same sample:
statistic fuse cable relay
minimum 8 15 5
maximum 21 41 11
median 13 28 8
modus 12 28 7

Based on the average values above: if a player were to use the Sparrow, while having an active Tycoon Premium license, with 30 strength, the player can fit 378 fuse, 756 cable, and 243 relay in the inventory, and can dump 3 times to the trunk for another 1.134, 2.268 and 729 respectively. All these amounts combined would be enough for about 108 callouts. If using the maximum values instead (worst case scenario), this would only be enough for 72 callouts.