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UPS Delivery is a variant on the regular Trucking in the server. You are responsible for delivering packages to houses, stores, and even warehouses. Unlike regular trucking, you will not need to purchase a truck or materials. Everything required to do the job is given to you free of charge. This is a perfect job for beginners and advanced players alike.

Getting Started

  • Head to the Specialized Job marker Specialized Job.png in Vinewood.
  • Select “UPS Delivery” in the orange circle at this location:
    UPS Delivery.png
  • Head into the white circle beside the orange circle and select a route:



Trucking Level Requirement: Deliveries: Est. Payment:
Mirror Park 1 10-30 $12,000 - $96,000
Vinewood Hills 5 30-90 $24,000 - $225,000
Chain Restaurants 20 78-156 $93,600 - $390,000
Rockford Hills 5 66-132 $19,800 - $79,200
East Los Santos 10 75-150 $15,000 - $180,000
Port of Los Santos 15 91-182 $18,200 - $163,800
San Andreas Storage Facilities 35 72-225 $865,800 - $6,041,250

Getting a truck

Once you have started one of these routes you can then spawn yourself a mule delivery truck, this is done by walking into the white circle beside the route selector, it is a yellow question mark on your map.UPS Vehicle Spawner.png

Getting Cargo

Once you have got your truck you are now going to need cargo, to do this follow these steps.

  • Go to the red circle marked "Destination" on your map.UPS Depot.png
  • Walk into the white circle on the ground.
  • Pick up your cargo and carry it over to the back of your Mule and load it into the truck. Your mule holds 50 cargo so this will take a few trips.
  • Repeat this process until you have sufficiently loaded your Mule and are ready to deliver these packages!

Delivering Packages

Delivering packages is similar to loading them up, follow these steps to deliver your packages.

  • Drive to the yellow ‘Destination’ markers on your map.UPS Drop 3.png You will notice the markers have numbers on them, this number is how many packages you will be delivering here.
  • Once you have arrived at a destination walk to the back of your truck and pick up cargo just like how you loaded it. If you are delivering multiple cargoes, then hold E at the back of your truck until you have the required cargo for the delivery.
  • Walk your cargo to the white circle at the delivery point and deliver the cargo.
  • Repeat this process at all the destinations.
  • If you run out of cargo you need to go to any of the red ‘Destination’ dots on your map and refill your truck
  • Once you have delivered to all your locations you can go back to where you started and start another route.