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Normal Rules:

  1. Do not vandalize.
  2. Do not remove chunks of information unless you need to.
  3. Refrain from revealing hidden and secret content as this ruins the secret element.

Translator Rules:

  1. If you edit Protected Pages do not edit the content of the Page only add the Translation.
  2. Rule 1 does not apply to Transport Tycoon Staff Members who asked to get the role, to edit some protected Pages.


  1. Information should not include personal opinions
    1. Provide direct information
    2. Do not include any bias
  2. Use page links as often as possible, it's easier for everyone that way.

How to contribute

Due to vandalism on the wiki users must now request a user account at the wiki administrators/moderators (Donald or notlawjosh) prior to be being able to make edits

The default theme hides most Wiki features for a clean user experience. To enable Wiki features such as editing, you need to:

  1. Go to Preferences
  2. Under Appearance, select the Editor skin
  3. Save changes

You should now see most Wiki features on each page, including Edit buttons.