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Latest revision as of 18:37, 30 July 2020


  • Fixed an error that would allow people to go negative in money when adding to voidboard
  • Fixed an issue where trainyard self storage blips would show as incorrect values (premium isn't displayed on these so it's Size * 1.15 for the actual size.)
  • Fixed an issue where trainyard self storages were incorrect values
  • Increased Min/Max of trainYard self storages from 1000kg per tier to 1600kg per tier for a total of 1,569,710 without premium and 1,805,166kg with premium of teleporting storage for the cost of 72,000,000,000 or 72B. The cost per 1kg is $39,885. Train yards are end game content.
  • Fixed an error in identity if businesses data wasn't loaded properly
  • Fixed an error that occurred when upgrading businesses
  • Fixed formatting and organization in voidboard list (mobile version)
  • Fixed an issue in recursive random vehicle generator function that would result in an error


  • Reduced amount of vehicles in vehicle fires for firefighter to combat world unloading issues
  • Fire hydrants in LC are now able to be used to refill fire trucks
  • Added notification for how much you've received after each call out


  • Added CollinsCo Flyie Boi start point to MGA
  • Added vehicle name to frllc_firesuv


  • All businesses now have level requirements to purchase/upgrade. If you already own a business that you don't have the correct level for, you simply will not be able to upgrade it until you reach the correct level.
  • Identity now shows estimated daily income with and without bank tax


  • Fixed an issue when generating a random vehicle which would cause the function to hang
  • Added a new map blip for fire hydrants
  • Added a hint when 'hide chat' is said in chat
  • Atc now checks the distance to the ground as well as if all wheels are on the ground when using auto detection (auto detect should be more accurate now)
  • Introduction of the VoidBoard Leaderboard. You ever just got way to much money and want to just use it to flex on kids? (M -> Player Options -> Contribute To Voidboard) this will take w/e money you put in the prompt out of your wallet/bank. YOU WILL NOT GET THIS MONEY BACK, once submitted there is no going back! To leave the prompt without losing any money simply hit tab with the prompt empty.
  • VoidBoard can also be seen in the world at Pacific Standard Bank or can be displayed on the go at (M -> Player Options -> View Voidboard)


  • Optimized the shit out of firefighter! (from about 1ms to 0.1ms under normal use)
  • Added a extra fire hydrant model to the list of useable hydrants, so that one hydrant that did not work before, try it again!
  • Player EMS callouts are now true by default but will still require a medkit to accept the call, if you wish to turn this off see
  (M -> PlayerOptions -> Toggle Options -> Toggle EMS   Player Callouts) you need the correct job to see the toggle option 


  • Fixed the long since broken cablecars, my they forever go up and down the mountain in peace
  • Slightly increased the speed at which the cablecars ascend and descend


  • Allowed support staff+ to now host events on the event server without needing supervision, they grow up so fast!


  • Vehicle radio wheel by default is now turned on, no more forced music in your ears

Airline Pilot:

  • Reduced Boarding and Deboarding times
  • Increased experience gain


  • Added a new Trailer Attachment system
  • Reverse to a compatible trailer, an attachment line and prompt will appear

Map Discovery:

  • Added a new Map Discovery system
  • Certain map icons are hidden until you've explored the area


  • Finished all "Unavailable Feature" perks
  • Added a missing Self Storage at Vanilla Unicorn
  • You no longer keep stacks made before you purchased the business
  • Added a vehicle garage at the Oil Rig
  • Added option to toggle between roman and normal tier numbers
  • Tier 100 (C) businesses now appear golden on the map
  • Pacific Standard Bank now shows total earnings of all businesses combined

Loading Screen:

  • Added new songs
  • Updated the logo
  • Added extra information to be displayed when available


  • FRLLC's Pills can now be traded and stored
  • Updated FRLLC's HQ interior
  • Added FRLLC logos to their exterior building
  • Added RTS logos to their exterior building
  • RTS delivery zones have been increased
  • Tweaked CollinsCo Airline EXP yields


  • Added missing suggestions for towing related commands
  • Removed /pos, /for and /bus chat commands
  • Added some new chat emoji
  • Changed 1M Gambling EXP title

Phone / Services:

  • Service calls are now limited to 144 characters


  • Removed the checkmark from certain Fuel Stations
  • Added header images to paramedic start point info
  • Added header images to firefighter start point info
  • Fixed instructional button showing incorrectly when auto parking vehicles
  • Added new Radar Images by Morfik


  • Optimized the on-screen compass rendering
  • On-screen Street Name display is now cached for faster lookup
  • Blip Info system now unloads header images when not shown

Cruise Control:

  • Improved Cruise Control logic using a new approach


  • Added a clean interior for Pillbox Hill
  • Added additional repair points to Liberty City
  • Removed The Grand Exchange entirely
  • Added additional aircraft dealerships
  • Added vehicle nodes to all of Liberty City (over 50 hours of manual work by Collins)
  • Removed fence from back of the Filtering Plant

Tokens / Vouchers:

  • Tokens no longer give money based on the old voucher values


  • Dealerships can now be hot-loaded
  • Added a flag to prevent vehicle cleanup
  • Added a shared random vehicle generator system
  • Improved module ensurer system
  • Updated module ensurer to verify state directly instead of via proxy
  • Added missing User ID attachment to ATC calls


  • Added head features to the Customization menu
  • You can now delete entries in your Wardrobe
  • Added the Portable Wardrobe


  • Improved the stats of the Phantom Wedge

WIP / Unused (Items listed here might not be intended for the server):

  • Smallo's Big Forest models
  • Blip Editor system
  • Jester V12
  • Vehicle trails system
  • Gang Area system (WIP)
  • Added Ferry system


  • You can no longer piggyback on other farmers

EMS / Paramedic:

  • EMS no longer receive player calls if they are missing revive items
  • Paramedics can now toggle player calls on and off


  • Honk free zone


  • Moved land act reservoir pickup point
  • Increased House creation payout to $2.5M (from $2M)


  • Faction MOTD and Tax is now shown for public faction listings
  • Added Dealership perks

Player Options:

  • Mobile Radio and Vehicle Radio settings now save between sessions
  • Added a "Toggle Options" sub-menu for most toggle options

Fire Fighter:

  • Added the Fire Fighter job and skill
  • Respond to different fires and put them out!
  • Multiple zones of work are available
  • Each callout zone has a different level requirement
  • You can use the Hose Truck to extinguish fires but it has limited water
  • Refill the Hose Truck at any fire hydrant
  • Double EXP does not apply for the Fire Fighter skill (for now)
  • Added Fire Fighter to the job centers
  • Streak records are recorded and a top 10 is shown at Davis FD
  • Start out in Paleto Bay and work your way up into the big city!


  • Sirens now stay on after you exit your vehicle


  • Added new aircraft and vehicle garages at LSIA
  • Added a garage at Simeon's Dealership


  • Added a new custom Emoji system to the chat
  • Added all Tycoon Gaming Discord Emotes as in-game emotes (same name :heh:)


  • Balanced more trucking cargo types based on user feedback (thank you users!)
  • Removed a duplicate bus stop from LC4
  • Added missing Passenger Train start point (T4)

Bugfixes: (Thank you to our Bug Buster team)

  • Fixed fuel not being disabled
  • Re-added LC Job Center
  • Fixed tier 100 Del Perro Pier chat prefixes
  • Removed an old repair point from under paleto bay airport
  • Cargo train no longer breaks all notifications
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in "toggle custom gps path"


  • Added "You already have x in your inventory" in market descriptions (thank you Royal22)


  • Increased Faction Prop limit to 250, lowered prop price


  • Servers now display as using English (United States)
  • Added progress bar buttons/sliders to menu system
  • Removed debugging print from marketplace price fetcher
  • Double EXP Party now considers server ID to prevent leeching parties