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Voucher Information

Vouchers are no longer obtainable from jobs, instead players will receive bonus EXP items

The Grand Exchange Grand Exchange.png is a centralized voucher turn-in location for ease-of-access for players.

In exchange of any vouchers obtained before the change, players will receive Bonus XP items relative to the voucher type at the Grand Exchange.

Grand Exchange Location on Map:

Just north of City Hall

Vouchers can be exchanged in multiples of 10 or 1000 Vouchers will now automatically turn into Tokens when giving them to other players or receiving them from Storages or other players.

Voucher Type Bonus EXP items recieved

(per voucher)

Casino 3x Gambling bonus EXP items
Garbage 2x Garbage bonus EXP items

2x Player bonus EXP items
2x Trucking bonus EXP items

Gym 8x Strength bonus EXP items
Helipilot 2x Helicopter Pilot bonus EXP items
Mail 2x Player bonus EXP items

2x PostOP bonus EXP items

Medic 25x EMS bonus EXP items
Piloting (Airline) 2x Airline Pilot bonus EXP items

1x Player bonus EXP items

Piloting (Cargo) 2x Cargo Pilot bonus EXP items

1x Player bonus EXP items

Train 1x Player bonus EXP items

3x Conductor bonus EXP items

If you want to buy vouchers, Marketplace is located just down the stairs from the Grand Exchange.