Grand Exchange

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The Grand Exchange Grand Exchange.png is a centralized voucher turn-in location for ease-of-access for players. The experience you receive is affected by all forms of bonus XP. Vouchers are earned by grinding the respective jobs.

Grand Exchange Location on Map:

Just north of City Hall

Experience gained from vouchers depends on all forms of bonus XP. (Premium 50%, Bonus XP Circle 15%, Discord Linked 5%, Faction Bonus 5%, Discord Voice Channel 5%)
Numbers displayed here are without any form of bonus XP.
For accurate numbers, make sure to visit the Grand Exchange yourself.

Voucher XP Money
Casino Voucher 0.30 Gambling
Garbage Voucher 0.20 Garbage

0.20 Player
0.20 Trucking

Gym Voucher 0.80 Strength
Helipilot Voucher 0.20 Helicopter Pilot
Mail Voucher 0.20 Player

0.40 PostOP

Medic Voucher 2.5 EMS $10.000
Piloting (Airline) 0.20 Airline Pilot

0.10 Player

Piloting (Cargo) 0.20 Cargo Pilot

0.10 Player

Train Voucher 0.10 Player

0.30 Conductor

If you want to buy vouchers, Marketplace is located just down the stairs from the Grand Exchange.

Note: The police job has been retired to be reworked.