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On this page you can read all about EXP Tokens and their uses. They were previously known as Vouchers.

EXP Token

When doing certain jobs, you earn EXP Tokens. Each EXP Token is worth 0.1 experience in its skill. (see below)

The EXP Token cannot be traded with other players. To do this, you need to convert it to Bonus EXP first.

Each EXP Token can be converted to a Bonus EXP item. In order to convert all at once, you can press the left arrow when the convert option is highlighted.

Bonus EXP

When the "Bonus EXP" item is in your inventory, you will gain additional experience every time you normally gain experience. Each Bonus EXP item is equivalent to 0.1 experience. For every 0.1 experience you gain, a Bonus EXP item is consumed and you gain an additional 0.1 experience. This effect goes up to 100.0 experience at a time. (Meaning up to 1000 Bonus EXP items can be consumed at once)

The Bonus EXP item can be put on the marketplace, allowing you to effectively sell the EXP Tokens you receive.

Cargo Pilot Perk

With the Cargo Pilot Perk, you can obtain large amounts of Bonus EXP quickly. With the Perk active, you will no longer receive any EXP, and 50% of that sacrificed EXP is turned into EXP Bonus instead. This is useful for players looking to earn money by selling Bonus EXP via player to player trading, or by selling through the Marketplace.

Removal of Vouchers

Bonus EXP and EXP Tokens were previously known as Skill Vouchers.
Vouchers discouraged players from doing jobs, allowing them to complete many jobs by simply paying their way out of it. Never once setting foot in a job vehicle.

  • EXP Tokens still keep the benefit of "paying for experience".
  • EXP Tokens keeps trading healthy (with the Bonus EXP item).
  • Players now have the ability to get boosted EXP yields without having to sit idle for hours at the Grand Exchange.
  • You still maintain the player trade profit aspect from the Vouchers.

Converting old Vouchers

If you've ended up with Skill Vouchers in your inventory and don't know what to do with them, they can be converted to the new system. Simply put them into any kind of external storage (for example a vehicle trunk or self storage) and then take them back out.