Aerial Firefighter

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As an Aerial Firefighter, you will be navigating the skies responding to and putting out large fires all over the map to get rewarded with Money, Firefighter & Airline EXP as well with EXP Tokens.

Getting Started

ATC is mandatory, failure to follow ATC can result in punishment leading up to bans.

1. Go to the Specialized Job marker Specialized Job.png (12/-) at the LSIA Fire Department / Crash Team Building. (Shown in the following picture)


2. Go to the orange Job Selector circle and choose Aerial Firefighter.

3. To buy your water bomber, you will need to visit any Aircraft Dealership Aircraft Shop.png .

4. Go to any Aircraft Garage Aircraft Garage.png and spawn your water bomber.

5. Remain on standby until an assignment is given to you.

6. You will receive an assignment with a region attached. Fly to the area, on the map you can find the fire marked with Fire.png and an orange circle on the ground.

7. To put out the fire, open the water bays using “Space” and fly over the fires. Once you put out all the fires you will receive payment.

8. Wait for another assignment and repeat!

You’ll likely be out of water very quickly, you can either land on the water with the water bay open if your water bomber is capable to refill, or you can land at any airport and park on the Re-fill Zone Refill Zone.png

Aerial Firefighter Aircraft

Below are the requirements, costs, and capacities of all available Aerial Firefighter Aircraft. *You must have the Aerial Firefighter job to buy waterbombers

Name Price Level Requirement Water Capacity
Bombardier 415
$2,000,000 Firefighter Level 20
Airline Pilot Level 20
1000L - Can land on water
$15,000,000 Firefighter Level 40
Airline Pilot Level 40
1500L - Can land on water
Lockheed HC-130H
Lockheed HC-130H.jpg
$95,000,000 Firefighter Level 65
Airline Pilot Level 65
4000L - Cannot land on water
Boeing 747 Supertanker
747 Supertanker.jpg
$200,000,000 Firefighter Level 90
Airline Pilot Level 90
6000L - Cannot land on water