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Across the map, you will find purchasable houses, ranging from 50K to 50M in price (bunkers/facilities). Houses act as a spawn point but have a few more features.


  • Spawnpoint
When connecting to the server you can choose to spawn at your house or any of your applicable Businesses.
  • Vehicle Garage
A Garage to spawn Vehicles.
  • Kitchen
In the kitchen of your house, you can craft Complete Meals using the following components:
  • 1000x of each Component: Solid/Alcohol/Paste/Water Produces 3x Complete Meals.
  • You also gain 10.0 Player Experience when crafting Meals.
These components are obtained by breaking down the following food items:
  • (Sandwich/Bread/Tacos) gives Solid.
  • (Vodka) gives Alcohol.
  • (Kebab/Donut) gives Paste.
  • (Water Bottle & all other drinks) gives Water.
Complete Meals are used in Airline Pilot Job. It is served as Airline Meals but gives less experience instead.
  • Self Storage
A Self Storage that has 6,900kg to store items (this Self Storage does not have any depositing fees)
  • Wardrobe
The wardrobe allows you to save outfits. Useful if you regularly change what you wear. The wardrobe can also be accessed via M ► Player Options ► Wardrobe.

Selling/buying a new house

You can safely sell and buy a new house, as all items and saved outfits are transferred to the new house.
Keep in mind that selling a house will only get you 50% of the price back you paid for it.
  • How many houses can I buy?
You can own 1 House at a time. You won't be able to view other Houses through the Map until you sell your current house first.