Self Storages

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Self Storages Self Storage.png are locations on the map where players can deposit and withdraw items. Self Storages are crucial for higher-end trucking.

Trainyard Self Storages have linked storage, meaning that you can deposit items at one Trainyard and retrieve it from another.
You can increase the capacity of the Trainyard Network by leveling the according businesses.

Free Self Storages (except for company storages) and Trainyard Self Storages will have a set deposit fee based on items weight ranging from $6.25 per kg to $31.25 (example: depositing 500 sand at $6.25 fee self-storage, you would have to pay $15,625).

The self-storage fee can be completely voided by having Storage Cards. They let you store a set of items for free. (taking our example scenario, depositing 500 sand would now be completely free, as the cards allow to waiver up to $25,000 each. However, this means that depositing will consume more than one card if you go above that value.)

Storage Cards

Storage cards can be obtained by:

  • Looting Treasure Chest [Medium Grade] (6.66%) Treasure.png .
  • Chocolate Egg (2.85%).
  • Opening Treasure Chest [Daily] (4.54%).
  • Successfully paying off loans through earning money from jobs. Amount of storage cards you receive from paying off loans is based on how much your loan is, The higher the loan, the more cards you receive when it's paid off. The rate of cards to be received is the same for all credits and increases along with the price. One card is received for every $62,500 in credit. More info.
Paying down a loan in full directly via the Pacific Standard Bank will not reward you with Storage Cards, only loans that are paid off automatically through receiving money from jobs will give you reward.

Self Storage Transfer License

A Self Storage Transfer License allows you to transfer items from your Self Storage to any other online user that also owns that storage. If there is a fee for placing items in this storage you will also pay a fee for transferring items. The License lasts for 7 days and costs $5,000,000 (5M).
It can be bought at the Market(Premium/VIP).

List of Public Self Storages

  • Note: Certain storages have multiple locations for different access (from land, sea or airport). All such locations are linked together as a single storage.
Name Capacity Capacity with Premium Storage Fees
Big House Storage LSIA
2,500,000kg 2,875,000kg $12.50/kg
The Secure Unit
1,500,000kg 1,725,000kg $25.00/kg
Rogers Salvage & Scrap
1,000,000kg 1,150,000kg $12.50/kg
Palmer-Taylor Power Station
1,000,000kg 1,150,000kg $12.50/kg
Del Perro
800,000kg 920,000kg $12.50/kg
Paleto Bay
600,000kg 690,000kg $25.00/kg
Blaine County Tractor Parts
400,000kg 460,000kg $6.25/kg
Staunton Island
400,000kg 460,000kg $6.25/kg