Land Surveyor

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Land Surveyor is one of the specialized jobs in Transport Tycoon. As a land surveyor, you will drive around in a Seismic Wastelander White WasteLander.png to survey locations around all of San Andreas.

Getting Started

1. Go to the Specialized Job marker Specialized Job.png at the Murrieta Oil Fields. Shown Below:


2. Go to the orange Job Selector circle and choose Land Surveyor.

3. After you have changed your job to Land Surveyor, go to the Red Wastelander marker Red WasteLander.png and press E to spawn a Wastelander White WasteLander.png .

4. Once you have spawned a Wastelander White WasteLander.png , stay in the same area and you will be prompted to press G, this will give you 4 distances to the areas that need surveying.

The Interface

5. After starting the job, an interface will appear in the middle left of your screen as shown below:


6. You will have 4 distances that will increase or decrease as you drive around. The closer to 0, the closer to the location you are. Each distance is a different location.

7. Each of these distances will also change colour (Between Red and Green) depending on which direction you are facing. The more green it is, means you are closer to facing the correct direction, the more red it is, then you are facing further away from the correct direction.

Hint: Most, if not all, locations are off-road, use the roads to travel long distances but when you get close, go off-road!


8. Once you have driven around and got to the location utilising the interface above once you are within 15m of the location you will be prompted.

9. At the location, Press G to deploy the seismic vibrators. All 4 pieces of equipment will then be automatically deployed out of the Wastelander and down to the ground.

10. You will then be prompted to Hold H to lower the outriggers, this will lower the equipment to the ground and it will scan.

11. After completing the scan, you then have to raise the outriggers and retract the seismic vibrators.

12. Repeat this for the other 3 locations. After each location you will get a Skill Level Token and Strength EXP Tokens. After completing all 4 scans, you will also get a bonus.


Vehicle:  Image:
MTL Wastelander (Seismic Module)White WasteLander.png SeismicWastelander.jpg


Unlock Missions Done
Unlocked the Wastelander (free in Car Dealership) 10
Unlocked the Seismic Wastelander (free in Car Dealership) 100