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Here you can see other useful pages the Tycoon Gaming Wiki has to offer!

Cayo Perico 🌴

  • This Island offers you few jobs at the job center and unique features, like hidden activities where you can get one of the rare vehicle spawn cards. Check it out!

Chat Titles 💬

  • Chat titles allow players to stand out and show that you have accomplished something, if you want to see what titles are available, please visit this page where you can find almost all available options.

EXP Boost Hunting

  • Basic step-by-step instruction on how to hunt EXP boosts and spaceship parts.

Marketplace 🤝

  • Check out the marketplace page if you don't know how to use it! It's basically the quickest & safest way to trade items with players.

Perks ✔️

  • Information on what a perk is, as well as how you obtain perks and what they give.

SD-Cards 📁

  • Table that tells you all SD card names, the unlockable recipes as well as the location.

Upgrade Kits 🔧

  • Page that tells you all vehicle upgrades, including those that require money + kits.

Vehicle Shipments 🚘

  • Here you can find: available vehicle shipments, needed materials & crafting locations!

YouTube Tutorials 🎬

  • There you can watch different videos about Transport Tycoon which can help you out if needed. (Keep in mind that some of them may be outdated.)