Quarry Worker

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As a quarry worker you can work together with other players to earn farming, mining and trucking experience.

Getting Started

Head over to the Quarry in Sandy Shores and go to the Specialized Job Center (Specialized Job.png ) and select the Quarry Worker job. Then, head over to the spawners besides the job center to spawn an excavator or dump truck.

Quarry Location.png

Doing the Job

The Quarry worker job is co-op friendly, where players can choose to use the dump truck (Blip dumptruck.png) while at Mining level 1-50. once you reach level 50 you can use the Excavator (Blip excavator.png). Additionally, when you reach Mining level 70 you gain access to a special dump truck, which you can spawn near the drop-off point for the dump trucks (Blip dumptruck.png) The Excavator operator's job is to dig up buckets of gravel and dump it into the dump truck(s) till it's full. The dump trucks then take it to a drop-off point marked on their map (Randomly chosen point) and tip it away to receive rewards. (Mining, Trucking And Farming XP Split between the number of helpers)

In order to take the role of a truck driver, you need to spawn the dump truck at the spawnerTipper spawn.png next to the Specialized Job Center (Specialized Job.png ). When you have spawned the truck, go over to one of the excavators and park the truck up next to them, so they can dump their bucket into your truck bed. Once the bed is 100% full, you will get a waypoint marked on your map. Go over to the waypoint and follow the on-screen instructions to dump your bed and get paid.

In order to take the role of the excavator, you need to spawn an excavator at the spawnerExcavator spawn.png next to the Specialized Job Center (Specialized Job.png ). When seated in your excavator, you will be given a location inside the quarry to go and dig at. Once arrived at the dig site, you will need to control the excavator and follow the on-screen instructions to dig up gravel and dump it into the tipper trucks.

(The controls for the boom follow the same control scheme as the submarine controls so if you wish to change the keybindings, change the keys for submarines.).


The rewards are distributed to everyone who contributed to that particular drop off (Excavator Operator and Dumptruck Driver) Each Excavator Operator will receive full XP gains no matter how many excavators helped load the trucks, however, the cash reward is split between all excavators that participated. This job can be done solo as well. You can use the excavator to dig up buckets of gravel and filled your own spawned mule truck until full, head to the drop-off point, and reap your rewards!

You get 3 different EXP gains when completing a drop-off.

  • Farming
  • Mining
  • Trucking

As well as cash rewards for your efforts.


The API supports 4 different leaderboards regarding the job. Those leaderboards can also be found scattered across the Quarry area. All Quarry worker leaderboards are persistent, so they represent the total effort a player has done.

Best Excavator Operators

  • Displayed in "buckets", you gain one point for each excavator action you do. If you fill one common tipper on your own, this will earn you 10 points ( 10 actions )
  • located ingame next to the excavator spawner

Most Cooperative Quarry Workers

  • Displayed in "deliveries" , you gain one point for being part of a delivery that more than one person contributed to.
  • Located ingame following the path starting at the "Davis Quartz" business down under the small train tunnel then straight towards those building containers

Best Dump Truck Operators

  • Displayed in "deliveries" , you gain one point for delivering a tipper load yourself.
  • Located ingame on top of the largest rubble hill, also right below the highest conveyer belt

Quarry Solo

  • Displayed in "deliveries" , you gain one point for filling a tipper without the help of other excavators and also delivering that said tipper on your own
  • Not yet ingame, can only be found in the API

Note that "deliveries" made by the ChernoTipper [Lv.70] will still only grant you one point!

See Also

Miner, another job partially taking place in the Davis Quartz Quarry.