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Refer to Snowplow for 2022 Snowplow Job!

DEACTIVATED 2020 Snowplow

  1. To start the Snowplow job you need to visit your local job centerJobCenter.png and pick the "Snowplow" job.
  2. Then go to the nearest Car DealerCar Dealer.png and buy a snowplow vehicle.
  3. Head to the nearest garage Garage.Garage.png and spawn your brand new snowplow vehicle.
  4. Find the snowplow icon (Purple Truck) in your map. There are 4 current starting locations each with their own unique drops. Check below images for detailed information.
  5. Once you get to a starting location, you'll see a Yellow Circle. Make sure to have your sirens on and enough salt in your truck before starting the route. Start the route and follow the points on your map (Green Truck icon denotes next checkpoint & Yellow Truck icon denotes the checkpoint after)
  6. Once you have enough "Xmas Candy Canes" in your inventory, head over to the Market (Holiday Shop), shown as a blue ? icon at City Hall. Here you can exchange your hard earned Xmas Candy Canes into Collectibles or Rare items.
  7. Candy canes aren't the only way to get the Rare items, doing routes in different locations (shown below) will also give you Rare items. If you go to the Christmas Present factory located at the Grand Exchange (Yellow Question mark icon in your map), you can combine 10x of each of those 4 Rare items, into a Christmas Present, which can include the Christmas Prefix Pack if you're lucky!

Note: Each location has its own rare item!

Location Item
Sandy Shores Content box
Liberty City Xmas bow
Paleto Bay Xmas tape roll
Los Santos Wrapping Paper

The route automatically ends once you run out of salt mid route. Make sure to fill up when low on salt at the brown "?" icon (Only visible during an active route) found on your map.

Make sure to collect all the rares & collectibles during this festive season!