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|-|10 June 2024 = {{Changelog:06.10.24}}
|-|10 June 2024 = {{Changelog:06.10.24}}
|-|27 May 2024 = {{Changelog:05.27.24}}
|-|18 March 2024 = {{Changelog:03.18.24}}
|-|18 March 2024 = {{Changelog:03.18.24}}
|-|31 December 2023 = {{Changelog:12.31.23}}
|-|31 December 2023 = {{Changelog:12.31.23}}
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|-|02.20.23 = {{Changelog:02.20.23}}
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This is a not a verbatim copy of the original changelog. It has been altered to correct grammatical mistakes.
Click here for the original changelog.


  • Cargo Trains now utilize the second rail going through Los Santos


  • Removed a lot of clutter around Zancudo (thanks Goobie)


  • Updated the MK15 model (not available yet)
  • Updated the Turtlebog model
  • Updated collisions for the W-575 and the W-575F
  • Fixed Linerunner not prompting trailers


  • Added the PostOP Titan at Tier 2
  • Added the W-878 PostOP plane at Tier 3
  • Added the PostOP Jet at Tier 4


  • Removed some disabled vehicles that would still appear in selection

Bus Driver

  • Sandy Shores routes are now Tier 3
  • Paleto Bay routes are now Tier 3
  • Zancudo routes are now Tier 3
  • Complete re-work of Money and EXP from each tier
  • Tour Bus is now Tier 2
  • Bus is now Tier 3
  • Air Bus is now tier 4
  • Coach is now Tier 5
  • Double Decker is now Tier 5, but with a 50% increased reward
  • Penalty for using high tier bus on low tier routes has been lowered

Please see the below table for the new Bus Driver penalty values

Bus penalty June10th24.png

This is a not a verbatim copy of the original changelog. It has been altered to correct grammatical mistakes.
Click here for the original changelog.



Bus Driver

  • Added the Double Decker
  • The Coach has been lowered from Level 84 to Level 42
  • Increased rewards for all buses

Vehicle ownership update

  • Everyone who previously owned the W900 will now see the Linerunner in their garage instead. Enjoy!

This is a not a verbatim copy of the original changelog. It has been altered to correct grammatical mistakes.
Click here for the original changelog.
 "this is a list of all commits since the last changelog from GitHub."
  • Mechanic now gives more xp when using a tool or if you have the tool box buff
  • Fixed an invalid RTS vehicle entry
  • RTS selection now gives new options at milestones, previously gave it after reaching milestone + 1 > vs >=
  • Moved the Sandy Shores Air EMS drop-off
  • Fixed Simulator Radios on-screen text, turns out they no longer provide listeners numbers
  • Fixed premium vehicles in dealership: they can no longer be purchased without premium
  • Added factionsDisablePublicToggle, allows us to enable or disable faction public toggles on the server
  • Tweaked RTS ground selection: default is 2 vehicles, increases to 3 at 10 deliveries 4 at 50, 5 at 100, 6 at 200, 7 at 300, 8 at 400, 9 at 500, 12 at 750, 15 at 1000, 20 at 1500 and 25 at 2000 Hopefully gives the big grinders some goal and reward
  • Updated glonch model fixed incorrect texture mapping on frills added emission to eyes, spikes, nails. Improved weight paint around neck and added some weight paint to the tail
  • Added experimental displays test model at legion square, not enabled by default
  • Added video embedder utility to load wen content and videos onle an in-world display
  • Added new approach to controlling entity replication
  • Removed redundant DLC vehicle content
  • Imported the brickade pack consisting of 9 variants of the brickade
  • Added custom classes for the brickade brigade
  • Removed old entity replication logic
  • Removed unused branded vehicle
  • Removed the AN-225
    • No longer spawns at San Chianski nor does it fly around anymore
  • Fixed an error in milestones logic
  • Removed spawn options for branded semi-cabs
  • Removed branded vehicles from RTS pool
  • Removed replacement weapon skins
  • Removed ancient vehicle replacements
  • You can now open ALL chests at once
  • You can no longer move items from storage to restricted trunks
  • Added the linerunner model a kenworth-like model
  • Updated the brickade pack
  • Fixed a bug in mechanic that allowed people to tow in non-mechanic vehicles
  • Added "Days Left" to dealership API endpoint
  • Added Brickade Recovery as valid Mechanic vehicle
  • Fixed description for business cash stacks: removed reference to upgrading
  • Added a skill check to mechanic after inspecting vehicles, fail it and you will have to tow the vehicle
  • The mechanic tool box is now a license buff. When consumed will give you a tool buff for 1 hour increasing xp by 50% and always fixing vehicles at the roadside so long as you complete the skill check correctly
  • Added the Linerunner semi cab as a valid Trucking vehicle A lore-friendly alternative to the Kenworth
  • Added a Brickade pack, with 10 variants
  • Disabled Golf script
  • Whitelisted the parachute model
  • Marked the Brickade Semi as a valid Trucking vehicle
  • Added mechanic cooldown for stopping and restarting job
  • Digiscanner no longer overwrites animations unlocking you from the animation
  • Moving more than 500m from your hunted animal will cause you to lose the animal
  • Updated item description for mechanic toolbox

This is a not a verbatim copy of the original changelog. It has been altered to correct grammatical mistakes and to add extra context.
Click here for the original changelog


This changelog covers most updates of the last 8 months of 2023, from oldest to newest:

  • Updated Trainyard storage sizes to no longer scale with business tiers
    • Business tiers were removed with the new database, self storages now have a much bigger storage size
  • Fixed water not loading correctly
  • CollinsCo Cabbie is now Public domain
  • Removed RTS, PIGS, CollinsCo's self storages
  • Tweaked bus payout
  • Tweaked Aerial Firefighter payout
  • Cabbie now has a top 10 leaderboard and streak bonus
  • Company warps have been removed
  • Moved the RTS market outside of HQ
  • Added RTS cars and aircraft delivery stats
    • Visible with /stats (in-game) or ?stats via a DM with the Tycoon Stats Bot
  • Moved RTS job changer outside of HQ
  • RTS is now public domain
  • Fixed the water around Liberty City
  • Skill categories are now removed from exp notifications
  • Discord channels only update from certain servers
  • Reduced collinsco business xp gain
  • CollinsCo Cabbie streak is capped at 50 now
  • Added missing paintjob names for the Mule Recovery
  • Removed legend entry for car washes
  • Ground vehicle garages now share a map legend entry
  • Turned off AFK check
    • Players no longer get automatically kicked for being AFK
  • Broken StatTrak™️ knives should now work again
  • Daily rewards no longer require a streak
  • Increased xp gain from businesses
  • Mechanic jumper cable can now be crafted at vehicle parts transformer
  • Replaced old mechanic job with a newer more diverse one (goodbye unicorn skylift you will be missed)
  • Fixed RTS Professional ground deliveries
  • Fixed garage previews being helipads
  • Increased variety of random vehicles in jobs
  • Added additional boat fuel locations
  • Fuel pumps are always interactable, no longer need to re-enable fuel to fill jerry cans
    • This is related to the disable fuel perk, people who have that perk activated can now correctly fill jerry cans
  • Mechanic callouts below level 20 have a max distance of 3000m
  • Marked the SAPC Dilettante as electric
  • Fixed garage not selling correct vehicle
  • Reworked low fuel effect: Lower fuel now lowers vehicle acceleration gradually
  • Added convar toggle for public faction list
  • Added new helipads around the map
  • Text To Speech inferface, it's Very Cursed.
  • Flight Indicators, new dials that replace the previous ones
  • Perk unlocks now use a "perks" ignore flag
  • glitch added his second ped of himself
  • Removed a print that would spam the console for the past 5 years
  • Added Mechanic master tool box which allows a chance to finish ANY mechanic call out there and then instead of driving back
    • Currently not in-game, it was possibly going to be purchasable via Tebex but as of now it is not clear if/how it will be available.
  • Reworked /faction/perks.json to return list of perks
  • Fixed typo causing some items to be un-/tradeable
  • Removed the TRASH option on the master key
  • Added Skeexs notifications
  • Added the CL-215 Aircraft By Pedro Cano
  • Added the Boxville MBU
  • Replaced the Scorcher with the Inductor An E-bike with a boost, in the Spawn Bicycle option
  • Updated Simulator Radio to v3 API
  • Fixed formatting for numbers in the hundreds
  • Added the CL-215 as a valid Aerial Firefighter
  • Added Shipping Containers. They function almost identically to Vehicle Shipments, but are for dealership purchases and owned vehicle reselling
  • Added option to buy a shipment in dealership. Only appears if you have a Shipping Container on you
  • Added option to randomly change dealership stock every day Each day, some vehicles enter the stock and then disappear a few days later
  • Added /dealership.json endpoint Shows what vehicles are in the daily dealership rotation
  • Crafting Temporary Repair Shops now give you 20x at a time
  • Added Shipping Container crafting at the Vehicle Factory
  • You can now ship your owned vehicles. Drive them down to the LS Docks


  • Added support for Chameleon paint on the newest DLC
  • Fixed the Mule (Commercial) container falling off
  • Changed the MULE5 internal name to MULEC
  • Changed the MULE6 internal name to MULER
  • Changed the BRICKADE2 internal name to BRICKADEC
  • Gave the MULER the name Mule (Recovery)
  • Marked the 757-300 as a "heavy" aircraft
  • Added the Improved Vapid Speedo models by TheF3nt0n, Bondergomme and others
  • Added the The Beast (for event purposes)
  • Updated HEMTT vehicles
  • The RPDCAR5 and RPDCAR6 no longer override the COQUETTE4 handling
  • Changed the COQUETTE4 internal name to COQUETTEIV
  • Marked the Powersurge as an EV
  • Vehicle Spawners no longer set plate text
  • Enabled vehicle weapons on the MTFFT
  • Updated the Operbus Contemporaneo model
  • Fixed the display name for the Brickade Classic
  • Changed the center of mass offset for the M983
  • Added a pack of GTA III vehicles for potential use in Liberty City in the future
  • Correctly marked the M983 as a semi-cab
  • Added the Bordeaux Camion semi-cab
  • Added the Semilander semi-cab
  • Added the Master B8 semi-cab


  • Added Seafloor Pots for sand collection
  • Seafloor Pots work just like Lobster and Crab pots, but yield Sand instead

Transformer Repair:

  • Changed the job garage to allow spawning helicopters
  • You can now use the Sparrow for the Transformer Repair job


  • You now get the option to allow or disallow players from using your personal vehicles


  • Changed how IA Planes are unlocked
  • Fixed some errors with IA groups
  • Added player list title for IA Officer
  • RTS jobs and cards now correctly spawns the Coquette D10


  • Fixed "desintation" text in helitour job
  • Added option to toggle player names in /blip
  • Added a Vehicle Cards menu that lets you spawn any of your vehicle cards
  • Updated map icons for planes
  • Havok and Seasparrow no longer display the Leisure Pilot requirement twice


  • Added an ATM to the Pacific Standard Bank business


  • Racers now exist in their own world with no traffic
  • Added /toggle_racing_pop to switch between racing worlds, one with traffic and one without
  • Updated racing blacklist
  • Added the Intercity Dash race

Cayo Perico:

  • Added a cutscene for the Lookout Tower conquering
  • Added a cutscene for the Radio Tower conquering
  • Snow no longer falls around Cayo Perico
  • Replaced Cayo Perico Lavoro spawner with a vehicle menu

Balancing / Tweaks:

  • You now need to be completely stopped to repair your vehicle, and a cooldown has been added
  • Weather Sticks were disabled entirely


  • Added prefix icons for staff members and some


  • Player Advertisements now display some extra information
  • Added a new system to let us directly interact with chests (trunks, storages and backpacks) from scripts
  • Removed the duplicate identifier check, allowing family and friends to play at the same time
  • Improved log handling for tebex commands
  • Included table helper functions in utils
  • Added convar for model blacklist
  • Added some additional staff tools
  • Now running the latest game build, Los Santos Drug Wars

Event Scripts:

  • Added the HPR-1 Number Changer
  • Added the KOTH Pinging system


  • Disabled the :furry: chat emoji


  • You can no longer have more than 50 listings at once
  • Only the 200 cheapest listings for an item are shown at once
  • Bulk listing creation is now limited to 10

SD Cards:

  • Iron Man mode now gives you a unique recipe you don't already know (unless you know them all)
  • Supercomputer is now shown on the map (Given you log in with an SD Card on you)


  • Fixed Toll Roads not working


  • Added two new SD Card recipes
  • 1. The Obey 10F shipment recipe
  • 2. The Conveyor Filtering recipe
  • Water Treatment Plant now appears for Petrochemical truckers