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This page covers Frequently Asked Questions. For more technically related FAQ questions, visit Technical FAQ.


What is the best way to make money?

There is no “best way.” Do what job you think you will enjoy the most. We have done our best to balance all job payouts.

How to gain strength?

You gain strength by completing tasks for the jobs: trucking, cargo pilot, mining and prospecting and thus receiving Strength experience.

How do I change jobs?

You can change your job at any of the 12 Job Centers, these are orange briefcases on your map.JobCenter.png The closest Job Center to City Hall City Hall.png is the Lifeinvader building. Other Job Centers are located at Maze Bank, LSIA, SSIA, Sandy Shores Hospital, Grapeseed, and Paleto Bay Clinic.

Are the servers linked between each other?

Yes. You will have the same character on both [NY-1] (Main) and [NY-2] (Beta) Servers.

What do the bars next to the minimap mean?

Map HUD.jpg

Some of the bars may only show up when you’re in a vehicle, some only when you’re the driver, and some only when in specific vehicles.

When using a trailer, a third damage bar will appear on the right. This bar indicates the trailer's damage.

When in an aircraft, an altitude meter will appear in the bottom left corner of the map, this will tell you your current altitude in feet.

What is that white circle on the minimap?

Main article: Exp boost hunting

That white circle is a hidden EXP boost. There is a Medi-kit or little box hidden in that area. They are mostly in, below, or on houses. They will give you a 15% XP Boost for 1 hour. If you have an active 15% Boost and you collect another one, you will get a physical boost in your inventory instead.


How can I Put items in the Trailer Inventory?

There are Multiple Ways to do that. Firstly the Access from the M Menu: M→Vehicle Options→Access Trunk→Put (Quantity)

Then we also have a radial Menu on the Key B When you press and hold the Key there is Radial Menu just click now on "Open Trailer" and it will open for you.

Are there weapons on this server?

The only weapons on the server can be obtained through jobs that use them, such as hunter and prospecting, but you aren’t able to target other players, only AI. Weapons can also be obtained from special easter egg locations.

Are there any menus on this server?

The only menus we have are the M menu, the player list (hold X), and the 8 menu. You can use the M menu to despawn your vehicle, access your inventory, and more.

The 8 menu is only available in a vehicle. It gives you options for your Engine(on/off), Doors (open/close), Speed limiter, Vehicle mods (Liveries/Modifications), and Windows (open/close). No clientside menus are allowed on the server.

How do I repair a vehicle that has too much damage?

You can repair your vehicle at a repair shop if it is still operational, marked by black tools on your map.Repair point.png

How do I respawn my vehicle?

If you have purchased a vehicle, you can spawn it at a garage. Look for the blue house looking icons.Garage.png If you just purchased a vehicle and its not in your garage you need to select “Close/Refresh”. You may need to do this a few times.

It’s been a whole day and I am still only at tier 1. Is there a faster way to progress?

The point is for you to work hard to level up in the tier system. It will take a while, but it is definitely achievable and fulfilling if you put in the time. We have a community of very happy players that started poor on day one and are now billionaires!

How do I use ATC? How do I find what runways to call?

To use ATC, press TAB. As for the runways, by the rule of thumb, the shortest runway will be JET, and the bigger one will be MAIN. There are only 2 airports (that are typically used) that have more than those two.  There are SIDE runways at LSIA, SANDY, and Pacific Ocean (PO). Side runways are almost always right next to the main runways.

What are “special packages”? (Treasure Chests)

Special packages are loot crates that “fall” from the sky. They can contain a plethora of items including but not limited to gift cards, food, and vehicle cards. They drop occasionally in bunches or when you gain a level one will drop nearby. They are yellow treasure chests on the map.Treasure.png

How to get Treasure Chest keys?

You can get Treasure Chest keys from picking up chests or break down High- or Medium grade chests High grade gives you 2 keys and Medium grade gives you 1.

Why do I keep hearing a beeping when I drive vehicles?

Your seatbelt is not fastened! Stop your vehicle for 5 seconds and your seatbelt will be fastened, alternatively, you can make your seatbelt always be instantly fastened by toggling permanent seatbelt in the Player Options section of the M menu.

How do I refuel a vehicle?

To refuel you now can drive up to a gas pump and it will give you the option to refuel your vehicle. For diesel-fueled vehicles, you must refuel them at a fuel station with diesel pumps.  You can buy a jerry can at any market at a gas station, they will be marked as “Market (Gas Station)”. If you walk up to a gas pump you can also fuel up your purchased jerry can to fuel up your vehicle anywhere!

Can I land a helicopter anywhere?

You can land a helicopter anywhere as long as it does not block other players. For example, you can land your helicopter on the road but don’t leave it there like a numpty.

Can I sell my vehicle to other players?

Yes, you can sell your vehicle on the marketplace by first using a Shipping Container at the Vehicle Shipping marker on the map, and then listing the item on the Marketplace.

How do I kick players from my vehicle?

As the Lock/Unlock system doesn't work, there is a new feature in which you can kick the driver of your vehicle in case it's get stolen. When someone gets in the car, you will recieve a notification on the Top Right corner and letting you decide. If pressed F5, the player will be allowed to drive it. If pressed F6, the player will be kicked and can't get in the car unless the owner relogs.

How do I change my appearance/clothes?

You can change your character appearance/clothes by going to a clothing store, marked on the map by a green t-shirtClothing store.png . Use your arrow keys to customize your clothes. Right and left changes the current selected area and ENTER will change the color/style of that area.

Is there a way to save my Outfit??

Yes, there is a way. You can save your outfit in an House if you Own one. Houses are placed around the map.

You can also use M > Player Options > Wardrobe to save your outfits.

How do I make complete meals?

In the kitchen of your House, you can craft Complete Meals with components, obtained by breaking down other food items. The exact components needed will be shown. You can also find Complete Meals in treasure chests. Treasure.png . Complete Meals are used in the Airline Pilot Job. It is served as Airline Meals, granting 15% more experience.

Airports are not loading in for me!(Airport Invisible)

No need to fear citizen! To load these airport you need to press ESC (or whatever key opens your GTA V map) Navigate to Settings>Advanced Graphics>High Detail Streaming While Flying and turn it on.

Why did I get a Speeding Ticket?

The most obvious reason was you were driving too fast. The Speed Cameras are set to 105 km/h (65 mph), so if you go 104 km/h (65 mph) you don't trigger them.

How to use Radio while on the train?

There's an option to turn on mobile radio! Navigate to M -> Player Options and Toggle Mobile Radio. Listen to your favorite radio station while walking or on the train/metro.

How do I join a Faction?

There are multiple ways to join a Faction. First of all, you need to open the Faction menu with "/faction". Then you can join a Public Faction or get an Invite from a Faction Owner. The Easiest way here is joining a Public Faction.

How do I customize MK14?

First drive your MK14 over to a Los Santos Customs (Open space LSC like the one at LSIA is better for this) using a semi-cab. Detach the trailer, open your trailer's trunk using M menu and physically walk inside and then press "F".

How do I make an Advertisement?

To make an advertisement, you need $500M and a Broadcast(100kg) item. The broadcast item is currently unobtainable. You'll need the Trucking job in order to obtain the broadcast.

When you have the money and the broadcast, you can head to the Advertisement Agency, Ad Agency.png located in Little Seoul, to make your ad. Keep in mind there are character limits: 16 for name/organization and 90 for the advertisement message itself. The ad can also not break the Transport Tycoon Rules.

Can I reset my progress on the server?

At the moment, there is currently no way to reset your progress and start over from nothing.

How do I resize the minimap?

When you hold Z, the minimap will expand in size. Continue holding Z, the minimap will start zooming out.

To resize back to original, simply hold Z again.
Minimap zoom.gif

Navigating the M menu

When you first join, the M menu can be a bit confusing. Here is a guide on how each section of the menu works and how to use it.

1. M→Vehicle Options: If you have purchased a vehicle (and not stolen it off the street) from the car or aircraft dealer, you can access the trunk amongst other things.

Accessing the trunk is one of the most common things you will do in this menu, and this is mostly used for trucking. To load cargo into your trunk from your inventory, use the following command: 

  • M→Vehicle Options→Access Trunk→Put (Quantity)
    You can put your cargo into the trunk to transport more of it. To do this, use the following:
  • M→Vehicle Options→Access Trunk→Take (Quantity)
    You can also “Put All” which will put all items with weight into your trunk. “Put Everything” which will put every item in your inventory into the trunk. “Repeat Take” which will take exactly what you took on your last take.
  • M→Vehicle Options→Auto Park (Delete) will despawn your vehicle. You can respawn it again at a garage, which are the blue house icons.
  • M→Vehicle Options→Detach cargobob is used if you have attached a vehicle or trailer with the cargobob and want to release it.
  • M→Vehicle Options→Detach Tow Truck is never used. Don’t use this. Es brok3n D: this is so sad, Alexa, play despacito!
  • M→Vehicle Options→Trailer is never used. Don’t use this. Es brok3n D: this is so sad, Hey Google, buy Shrek 2!
  • M→Vehicle Options→Engine on/off is pretty straightforward.
  • M→Vehicle Options→Kick Driver is used to kick people out of your vehicle or the driver, if your car is stolen. Note: Only works if in range.
  • M→Vehicle Options→Lock/unlock vehicle ATTENTION, IT DOESN'T WORK AT THIS MOMENT  is pretty straightforward. Beware that locking your vehicle also locks you out so if you somehow lose ownership of your vehicle by being too far away you will not be able to get back in!

2. M→Identity this shows you information about your account, such as some identifiers, property information, licenses, the skill of the day (SOTD), and your estimated daily business income.

  • Registration: 123ABC: An identifier 
  • User ID: 123456: A unique identifier assigned to you when you first join a Tycoon server.
  • Property: Property Name, Number If you own a House, it will show here. The number after your property name is important as this is the house number other players need to use to request access to your home.
  • Daily Login Streak: Shows how many days you've logged in consecutively. A daily bonus of $50,000 is rewarded when you login. The longer your daily login streak is, the higher the daily bonus is.
  • Streak Record: Shows the longest login streak you've had.
  • Licenses: This section of information can include a range of items such as any purchased Tebex Store perks, licenses, and active XP Boosts.
  • Skill of the Day: 25-50% bonus to random skill This is a randomly chosen bonus percentage and skill that changes daily. Resets at Midnight UTC.
  • Estimated Daily Business Income: $000 ($000) After purchasing Businesses in-game, this will help determine how much these make each day, the number in brackets is how much you make after-tax if collecting at a bonus collector.

3. M→Inventory is where your items are stored when you obtain cargo or consumables such as food, cards, and repair kits.

4. M→Manage Company is used by employees to switch between company jobs. It is also used by management and higher ranks.

5. M→Open Backpack this is irrelevant unless you own a backpack.

6. M→Phone/Services can be used to access the Marketplace, Skill Perks, call a Taxi Service or access the portable ATM once purchased at the Premium Market.

7. M→Player List allows you to customize different things about how your name and title are displayed on the player list.

  • Open/Close this opens and closes your player list, alternatively you can hold X.
  • Titles/Achievements allows you to apply different titles beside your name to show the accomplishments you’ve made :D.
  • Reset Changes will reset any changes you have made to your title or icon in the player list.

8. M→Player Options is used for many important tasks.

  • Access Marketplace opens the Marketplace menu. The marketplace lets you buy/sell items.
  • Change Chat Appearance this will allow you to change the prefix icon in front of your name and your chat title/colour respectively.
  • Change Seats this will allow you to change from the driver seat to any of the others and back again. #1 Being the driver and #2, #3 and #4 being passenger.
  • Change to Leisure Pilot this changes your job to leisure pilot after confirmation, required to fly leisure aircraft. Note that you cannot change back to your job before and will have to use a job card or go to a Job Center.
  • Contribute To Voidboard add money to the void leaderboard to assert dominance over others!
  • Driver Menu this enables the driver menu once you reach player level 10. Press 6 once you’ve enabled it to spawn a driver and give it different commands.
  • Give Money this allows you to give money to the closest player to you. There is confirmation with the amount of money and the player's name after inputting the amount.
  • Interface Options this allows you to adjust a few interface things like the minimap, toggle legacy garage and other useful things.
  • Navigational Assistant this menu is extremely useful. You can select different categories and it will give you lists of important locations. Once you select one it will draw you a route on your map to the location.
  • Pet Menu similar to the Driver Menu this enables the Pet Menu which you can use to spawn a pet and give it commands. Once enabled press 9 to open the menu. You need to be player level 5 to use.
  • Piloting Options a sub-menu for changing the way flight instruments and other pilot equipment appears including show/hide ATC message etc.
  • Activate Rebreather activates a purchased rebreather. Allows you to breathe underwater for up to 5 minutes. Can be purchased at the Fishing Market.
  • Show Stats shows various types of statistics such as driven distance, number of missions, drop offs completed etc.
  • Shuffle Seats use this to shuffle from the passenger to the driver seat.
  • Spawn bicycle spawns a temporary bicycle that disappears after you leave it.
  • Spawn Jetski spawns a temporary jetski that disappears after you leave it.
  • Toggle Ironman Mode Ironman mode prevents you from giving or receiving items and doing general player interactions. Some gameplay elements are tweaked to suit the solo playing experience. This mode can be toggled on and off at any time.
  • Toggle Options a sub-menu for changing all of your toggle needs such as overhead directional arrow, passive mode, mobile radio and other things.
  • Vehicle Cards a visual menu that lets you spawn vehicle cards that are stored in your inventory/backpack.
  • View / Manage Identifiers allows you to see and manage the IDs that are used to identify you.
  • View Voidboard an option to view the void leaderboard on the go.
  • Volume / Audio Options a sub-menu for altering custom game audio behavior such as Speed Trap, Toll Road SFX and Dispatcher audio.
  • Wardrobe allows you to choose between your saved outfits.

9. M→Reopen Name of shop or converter This only shows up when you have selected an option during a buy/sell menu, instead of backing out, you can select this option to re-open the menu.

10. M→Skills is where you can see your server stats. If you accidentally close out of the M menu and the skills screen stays up, just select M→Skills again and it will go away. Pressing Left Arrow when hovering over skills will open up a compressed version of the Skills Menu with information for each skill about how much EXP is needed for the next level.

11. M→Staff Panel is where you can submit bug and player reports, suggestions for server improvements, and admin tickets. NOTE: If you submit an admin ticket, be specific about what you need us for. If you leave a ticket blank, we will NOT come to help you. If you submit a player report staff will be notified online and offline so don’t abuse this. Also, do not submit false reports, all reports are taken seriously.

12. M→Stop job is the command you use if you are in the middle of a mission/job and you would like to cancel it. This is most commonly used for piloting routes, and any AI missions that your job has given you.

13. M→zDelete if you are driving a vehicle spawned with a vehicle card use this option to delete it (you can only see this option if you're out of a vehicle).

Cruise Control

The Cruise Control system is used to lock the speed of a vehicle without holding the accelerator. The Cruise Control will not work in Planes and Helicopters unless you're above 700ft.

If you would like to rebind Cruise Control, then look for GTA Online Team Chat in Keybind settings.

Scrapped/removed features


The ELS (Emergency Light System) was removed due to a multitude of reasons.

  • It required client mods to look passable
  • It caused a lot of sound issues
  • It conflicted with a lot of other scripts

Faction FAQ

Can I move my Faction HQ?


Can I remove or move perks?

You can remove perks.

To move perks, you need to remove the perk, then re-purchase it.

Do I get my money back if I leave the faction as a president?


I accidentally bought a perk, can I refund it?


Can I put money directly into the faction balance?

No, money is only added from profits.

Can I rename my faction?

Yes, you can buy a faction name change in the Tycoon Tebex Shop.

Can I change my faction tag?


My faction was terminated because I chose an inappropriate name, can I get a refund?

No, you idiot.

I accidentally left my faction, how do I re-join?

You must be re-invited by a faction manager. If the faction is public you can also rejoin through the /faction menu